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NISSIN [STD Lever] Brake Master Cylinder Kit [Hori...

아직 사용전입니다만..
핸들바 교체로 인해 안정적인 브레이크를 위하여 구입했습니다.
배송이 빨라서 매우 만족입니다. 하지만 포장상태는 불량 합니다.
패키지 안에서 제품이 마구 움직였고, 레버또한 마구 흔들렸습니다....

DID VX Series Chain 520VX3 Gold [with Riveting (ZJ...

Xích xe DID VX Series Chain 520VX3 Gold khi mua được giảm giá tuy nhiên chất lượng khi nhìn có vẻ rất chất lượng và nhìn rất cool. Hàng hoá được đóng gói kỷ lưỡng và đúng chuẩn. Xích xe khi được lắp đặt vào rất vừa và chạy êm. Nhìn chung tôi rất hài lòng khi mua các sản phẩm trên webike.
The DID ...

NGK Iridium Plug CR9EIX 5448

I bought these candles for my Suzuki Bandit. The package was well packed, came without any damage. Candles are installed easily and without problems. The quality of the goods is on top. As it should be, this is a real Japanese quality. I recommend to everyone. You will not regret that you buy for yo...

ZETA Oil Filler Cap

Rubber O-ring is not included. so, you can use OEM cap's rubber O-ring.
nice fits to my motorcycle.
it's too hard to fill 100 character.

I bought something here for the first time. Things have arrived, it feels good! In the future, there will be demand, after all, looking for the so-called acquaintances, people are also busy...

RK BL Black Scale Series Chain BL520R-XW

Received ordered chain for my CRF250M in good condition. Looks rare in black and gold color. Can't wait to install it on my bike together with my new sprockets.


I bought this oil filter for my Yamaha YZF R1. The package was well packed, came without any damage. The oil filter KN-303 was designed easily and without problems. The quality of the goods is as high as it should be.
I will buy more. I recommend it to everyone. You will not regret that you buy it ...

Compared with the original chain that was replaced, it is about 10% lighter. As for the intensity, you need to observe it for a while. When I was oiled, ...

BRAKING Wave Disc SK2 Series

Change from Tokico 6pot to NISSIN 6Pot, from Metallica to Project mu : Hyper carbonPad ? Because it changed to a reform, simple comparison is impossible, but the controllability has dramatically improved.I did not vibrate at all like everyone said.As expected, until Pad became familiar, it did not w...

SUNSTAR Front Sprocket

I am using it for 520 to 520 Conversion at K7R1000.Durability that can be used with Ritter SS (Maintenance and Check are mandatory)So is not it enough for standard vehicles.But since Sprocket and Chain are consumable parts of the important part of Motorcycle's full driving forceMaintenance is a ...

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